Adult Education

Adult (Education) Tutor service is categorized into;

Basic Level– This is commonly known as Adult Literacy and it is specially designed for adult who can not yet read, write or speak good and correct English. Housewives, adult men and women who were not opportune to have their Primary Education at their early stages are welcome here.

Secondary Level: Tutoring services for adults who want to improve on their writings, speaking, gain some presentation skills like Self confidence, Self expression, Self reliance or who want to write any certificate examination. We ‘ll help carry you along to achieving your dreams.

Advanced Level: This is exclusive for undergraduate and post-graduate students. We give our clients (students) maximum academic assistance in their courses in schools; starting from course/topic brush ups, exam/test strategies, assignment-assistance, and close monitoring and research works like projects, term paper, product paper, development of Questionnaires, to mantion a few. Students who run part-time or full time programmes such as Distance Learning (DLI), Sandwich, Open-university or professional courses etc require this package.

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