English Therapy, as also known as “ E-Therp”, is categorized into:
(a) English Therapy for English Speaking Learners (“E-Therpro”)

This is an English tutor service that concentrates on English components such as Essay Writing/Composition; Vocabulary Development (Registers); Literature-in-English; Comprehension; Structure/Grammar , Oral English/ Phonics/Phonetics for proficiency.

(b) English Therapy for Non-English Speaking Learners (“E-Therp-for”)

This is a special package of English Language tutoring exclusive for non-English speaking foreigners working in Nigeria, who need to learn how to communicate smoothly in English with the business associates, co-staff, subordinates etc. Thus, improve human relations in the company which will in turns help to achieve robust and hitch-free business transactions.

N:B; Terms and Conditions applied for both categories.

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Many businesses are willing to give educational tours, so students can ask local businesses or companies if they would allow them to come in and watch the process or take a tour resumecvwriter.com of the company so they can see where they are headed.