How do I engage or book for your home/private lesson (tutoring) services; Procedures?

  1. Reach out to us through our contacts [call/whatsapp +2348096611087 or email:], or
  2. Contact us from this site; click on “Tutoring Services” menu, immediately you will see drop down menus, showing different tutoring  packages such as Maths Tonic, English Therapy etc,  click on any of your choice and it will take you to each page. Take your time to read the specifications and if you are interested in any of these packages, you will see a place below the package where you can pre-book. Fill your name, email address and so on. You will then Click <send>.

We promise to get back to you within 24 hours so we can arrange to see one-on-one and most preferably, with the child or learner in question. After we have listened to your explanation/ complaint and have done necessary evaluations, we will give our recommendations. You would be required to register with us being your first time; you would fill some forms while we both sign and share copies each. Registration fee is non-refundable but it covers the whole family even for subsequent lesson contract for another member of the same family,

N/B: At the first day of lesson, you are required to have paid at least half of the agreed tuition (lesson) fee.

Why do you think engaging your tutoring service is preferable to my child’s school-teacher?

You are welcome! Engaging your child’s school-teacher for home / private tutoring is not that too bad but might not yield the best result considering the disadvantages below;

  • Too much familiarity can weaken the level of seriousness between your child and his/her school teacher to the extent of being nonchalant about homework given by the teacher;
  • The school teacher can be covered up by the child if fails to do what he/ she should do
  • Remember that the school teacher and the parents know each other, and he would make sure the child has a so called -“good result” by padding or manipulating marks; liaison with other teachers in school to help boost or jack up your child’s marks so that you will not complain of not teaching him/her well. Hence, it encourages deception and leads to mediocrity.
  • No proper monitoring in place; the school teacher is the supervisor of him/herself as far as the lesson is concerned.

Meanwhile, you stand the chance to benefit the pleasure of our tutors with the following advantages;

  • In the course of the lessons, you will have an eye-opener to prove the effectiveness (or otherwise) of that highly paid school you enroll your child. You will also know whether the problem is from your child or from his/her school.
  • Our tutors are under a result-driven Supervision; hence they give the best in ensuring successful academic performance for our tutees/ learners. Thus, we call this- “Success tracking”.
  • There are laid-down evaluation schemes to measure up learners’ responsiveness towards lessons several times till they are confirmed capable to sit for any forthcoming exam.
  • Proper recording of pupils/students’ performance and the tutors’ daily activities for future references and review is in place.
  • Drastic and dynamic teaching methodology to drive home good success.
  • We encourage feedbacks from parents, guardians and even from our tutees about the on-going lessons, and make sure necessary re-modifications are put in place.
  • Career guide, professional advice, motivations and many more, to enhance right mind-set towards excellent performance of learners are given as freebies.
  • Quick discovery of learners’ weak points and the necessary fortification as we work on weak areas till we gain good responses.
  • Recommendation of right tutoring packages for our learners.
  • We provide functional instructional and resource materials.
  • We also put our clients/ learners’ conveniences into consideration.

Hence, there are more advantages in engaging our tutoring services over your child’s school/class teacher as home tutor. Thanks.

What curriculum are you using?

We make use of the curriculum and the scheme of work used by the school of our tutees (learners) or recommended curriculum for any exam we are preparing them.  Various curricula schools use are viz: Nigerian Curricula; British Curricula; American Curricula; Canadian Curricula or the combination of any two of these.

Where do you carry out your teaching /lesson?

Presiders’ Educare renders private lessons in various homes of our clients or agreed places (aside from home) suitable for learning like offices, suites etc. a place void of distractions and dangers.

Are you Licensed / Government Approved?

Yes, we are government approved; properly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) for all the services being rendered by Presiders’ Educare. Most of our tutors are members of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

Do you set homework?

Yes. We do give home work to our pupils/students (tutees) but based on considerations; if their schools use to give much homework, there is a need to reduce ours while we deliberately give homework to engage playful and idle ones

Do you help a child to do their school homework?

We assist our pupils/ students of their school homework in such a way that they would be able to solve or answer the similar questions while in school without failing.

Which study books do you recommend?

We do not just recommend any book until we see it’s necessary; we make use of the school textbooks your child(ren) is/are already using. But if we see that a particular book is needed for the sake of the purpose of the lesson, says, preparatory lessons for entrance exam, then specific books like Past questions etc, will be recommended. Besides, we have some resource materials specially used by our tutors to ensure success.

Which books do you recommend for pupils preparing for (common) entrance examinations?

We have entrance exams into various secondary schools such as Federal/State Gov’t College; Missionary Secondary Schools; Air force Schools; Command Secondary School; University Staff Schools; Private Colleges. There are past questions used for prep such as Checkpoints, Fed/State Common Entrance, Ugo C. Ugo etc. We use the Past question books according to specified Entrance exam of such particular school. We also have materials, where applicable, for different classes.

How competent are your tutors?

Oh! We are proud to have the set of tutors working with us. They are selected after rigorous tests by merit, inducted into the standard of this institute through re-trainings, in-service-trainings, seminars, close monitoring, motivations and sanctions as appropriate to help carrying out our value propositions. Hence, our testimonials speak for us.

How long can you handle a student to ensure success in his /her academics or examinations?

Learners (pupils or students) are unique in potentials; they have different pace of learning and different learning challenges as well. Any learner who is face with;

  • Background (academic) problems: such as slow learning, slow writing, very poor in calculation; over pampering to mention a few.
  • Behavioural problems : such as having no interest in learning or having a wrong notion in a particular subject and can express to parents or teachers point blank, how much he/she hates such subject, especially, Mathematics; lazy-to-learn habit.

Such pupils or students with the above challenges tend to take up to 3-6 months before a noticeable improvement begins to take place. Parents and guardians are advised to be patient enough as the results will surely turn good at the end. Count on us as we count on God.

On the other hand, pupils /students who possess the following characteristics below can respond very quickly under our tutelage:

  • Fast learners but too playful and who need home tutors to keep them engaged while give enough homework to be done days tutors are not coming.
  • Fast learners but stubborn
  • Ready to learn and so inquisitive to know more
  • Average students: that is, one who scores between 50-65 in Math, English, and Science Subjects during internal or local school exam and is preparing for an external examination such as COMMON ENTRANCE , BECE (JSCCE), SSCE, GCE, DIPLOMA, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and so on
  • Learners with a sudden weak performance/ poor result: such as a student who has been performing very bright before. For instance, a pupil/ student who has been within 1st – 3rd positions; or having up to 65 score and above in the First term but suddenly scores below average in a particular (or core) subject or in overall score. Or students who start having low performance the moment they get to Senior Secondary School classes (SS 1-3).

How much experience do you have?

We are all experienced teachers from various schools. Most of our tutors are graduates with educational qualifications and have more than 5-10 years teaching/tutoring experience. Some of our tutors do mark for WAEC, NECO and other exam bodies; we are trained tutors and are being re-trained for sound and effective tutoring services. In fact, we give the best.

Can I change a tutor?

Yes, with genuine reasons towards improving learning, you can. We can arrange for you another tutor at your request. But you have to give us time for the re-structuring.

Can you provide a CV or references?

Of course, Yes. We can, at your request. Though good C.V has not been, and cannot be a good yardstick for measuring tutor’s competence or effectiveness anyway. You need result and not display.

What classes / levels do you teach?

We have different levels and departments in our tutoring services and these are;

  • Pre-Primary and Lower Primary section; Nursery 1- Grade/Pry 3
  • Upper Primary Section; Grade/Pry 4-6
  • Junior Secondary Section/ Adult Education alternative to this level; JSS1-3
  • Senior Secondary Section/ Adult Education alternative to this level; SS1-3
  • “A”- Level Section / Adult Education alternative to this level e.g Jamb/ Post utme/Diploma/GRE/ TOEFL/IELTS/SAT etc

Do you also have ADULT Tutor Services?

Yes, we also render private and home tutor version for Adult Literacy/Education of various levels from the basic to advanced level.

Do you allow us to decide a tutor’s gender; male or female tutor for our child?

In most cases, Gender specification of a tutor does not always work since what you need is a successful performance/ good result. We do not discriminate but respect potentials of both male and female tutor. But if the tutoring package you chose really requires a particular gender of tutor or in other words, if your main purpose for engaging our home tutoring service would suite a male or female tutor, we will definitely provide. Just feel free to tell us your opinion; we are ready to reach at compromise for better result. Thanks

How do you measure pupil’s /students’ progress?

We do that through the assessment scheme already in place.

Do you provide periodic reports on student progress?

Yes. Assessment is made within every 3-4 week interval especially before schools’ periodic tests and exams should take place

What values and life-skills are you trying to instill?

Beyond academic proficiencies, we also try to inculcate self-motivation, composure (self-discipline), confidence, self-expression, valuing others and morals.

Do you provide online tuition?

Yes, we do via the youtube and also on demand. Certain online topics can be packaged for you when proper subscriptions have been made.

Do you also have tutoring services for any Nigerian Language?

Yes. Based on demand, we arrange indigenous language tutors for any family who would like their children learn Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa Languages?

Can the parent watch the lesson?

Of course, Yes. Since we normally carry out our lessons in our clients’ (parents’) houses, offices or shops, any parent can therefore watch the lesson provided they are chanced.

May I know your working hours/days

We work from 8:00 am till 9:00 p.m. We are available from Monday to Sunday depend on the agreed lessons arrangement.

Do you travel far to teach a candidate?

Yes, we do but on an occasion when none of our tutors is closer to where the lesson should take place.

How much do you charge for your tuition fee?

We are reasonably affordable. Fees are charged according to different lesson packages with different terms and conditions. However, you would be required to pay for registration fee (non-refundable).

What is the procedure for payment/ how should we pay?

All payments must be made directly to the management in cash, by cheque or e-transfer. It is not necessary you pay in person except that is the only way you can pay promptly. But make sure your payment is acknowledged within 24 hours at most by the management while a receipt will be issued in this respect. Account detail;

Bank: GTBank


Acc No:         0161736131

N:B You are advised to immediately notify us about any payment you made into this account above through call/whatsapp- 08096611987

Do we pay per hour, weekly or monthly?

Payment modes differ from one client to the other based on the agreement between us. Some pay Bi-weekly or monthly while some parents or organizations pay for a 6-month contract upfront. It always depends on the booking specifications for particular tutoring packages and the agreement made.

Do you offer discounts for block bookings or concessions?

We offer concessions for a family with 3 or more pupils/students under our tutelage. Meanwhile, concession for Block booking is only allowed for a school or group of students who contract us for exam preparatory class.

Do you help with other areas such as interview technique and CV-writing?

Yes. We help create unique content for WEBSITE or BLOG owners; Career presentation to schools; we help you write your project; we help you write good and result-driven Questionnaires; we help build effective Interview technique for employing right workers into your organizations;

Where is your base and scope you cover in rendering your services?

We base in Lagos as our Tutors are almost in all the constituencies of Lagos and its environs (parts of Ogun State). We also extend our scope to Ibadan (Oyo State) and Abuja (FCT), Nigeria.

How many hours per day per / days per week are usually necessary or how do you run it?

It depends on the specification of your lesson packages. Before a contract is reached between our clients (parents/ tutees) and the institute, proper interviews, evaluations, explanation, advice and recommendation would have been made in order to know your intention for engaging our tutoring service; what problem they want, the problem to be solved right lesson package.

What is your success rate? What are your testimonials/ success stories/ Track records?

Our success rate has been on the high side ever since. There has been no report of failure with the tutees we have handled. We would not want to claim a 100% success rate but 90%; giving the remaining 10% to God Almighty. Hence, what we are trying to express here is that you will not regret engaging our services.

Our success stories are so many as we barely record any failure. Few of these are uploaded on this site. To have a look, you will have to go to the Home page> under “Who We Are” > you will see “Testimonials or Recommendations”, click on it.

Do you also do one-on-one tutoring for special needs?

Yes. We have Special Needs tutors for one-on-one instruction or lessons.

What is the assurance of safety and confidence in this institution especially in the tutors to various homes?

Our tutors are “lucky” teachers who have been short listed, re-trained up to the institution’s standard and proved in terms of biometric date, professionalism, availability, zeal, morality, residence and reference. Legal security measures are being put in place to ascertain these proofs on daily basis.

Perhaps, they are not angels. In this regards, we also implore the parents and guardians’ supports; to report any suspicious act immediately to the management. Constructive evidence will be highly welcome in respect of this, as the deterrents are arrest, termination of appointment or/and forfeiture of payment.