The brain behind this functional initiative is no other person than the CEO/Proprietor of this organisation – Mr A. S Adesanmi.

Mr Adesanmi is a bona fide and patriotic citizen of Nigeria and he lives presently in Lagos. He is an academician; he bags his B.Sc/B.Ed (Hons) in Economics with almost 2 decades of teaching/tutoring experience. He believes in academic excellence and shuns any act that may lead to mediocrity. He is a career coach and always relates with his pupils/students as an “academic father” while they are being referred to as “academic children”.

Meanwhile, being a seasoned and a proficient teacher, his innate guidance and counselling saddled with the responsibility of giving much attention to answer students’ curiosities, especially, of those questions about their future careers, has made him to gain students’ trusts and confidences as many do come to him for advice. Even some are being able to confide in him about their academic challenges, home threat (abuse) and he has always been of help in these regards.

He is a multi-talented personality- a writer, a columnist, a publisher, a minister of God in gospel songs and in the Word. He is also a (gospel) song composer.

Aside from being an educationist, he is also a profound entrepreneur and business man. The CEO also bags some certificates in Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurial and Managerial Courses. He supplies educational materials like books/textbooks; school furniture; instructional materials (printed, projected and non-projected etc) to schools and offices.

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The threat of mental atrophy is real, but the threat of overexertion can cause students to burnout as well