Presiders’ Educare is a private institution set for pro-academic support in the area of tutoring services and school supplies.

This initiative was borne out of a crave for functional academic excellence and a passion to provide remarkable solutions to all sorts of academic imbalances which serve as a result of incompetence in human resources in all spheres of the nation.

There is no way we can tell how this initiative started without mentioning what actually spurred the initiator into action to make such a giant stride. He had been teaching for more than a decade in private schools and also engaging in part-time private-home teaching before the group of ideas came into mind. There arose a need for educational charts on a faithful day by the proprietor of one of the schools he had taught and that gave him the opportunity to think of a prospective factory producing educational materials, thus starting with the publishing of 3 types of charts of several copies and also ordered for the supply of those not produced by him but demanded for by schools he visited.

Being a seasoned teacher, he had severally gained the students’ trust through his teaching proficiency and his innate guidance and counselling saddled with the responsibility of giving much attention to answer their curiosities, especially, of those questions about their future careers. Hence, he got to know that students kept asking same questions and he made up his mind to publish a hand book that would answer the said curiosities and further expose students to realities of life.

Meanwhile, it was his pleasure to be selected among the trio interviewers of applicants in one of those schools he had taught and he was able to see the results of the level of decadence in Nigeria education in respect to the poor performance of many of our graduates. Hence, he made up his mind to creating solutions through his products and services until this initiative becomes a household name.

Capturing the above tasks with regards to the vision and mission (in summary) of this business organisation, the name – “PRESIDERS” came to mind; grooming functional leaders (our motto) that will responsibly rule their worlds faithfully in all ramifications.

Presiders’ Educare came to being and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the year 2014 and still aiming higher to achieve our vision.

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Don`t forget to build in fun time while it is important to stay data focused, it is also important to have fun during school breaks.